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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin & Patrick find out What does DC Black Pride mean and why the sepa...

Justin from Justin's HIV Journal & Patrick from pozlifeofpatrick find out 

"What does DC Black Pride mean and why the separation between Gay Prides"


I love to blog and always jump at the opportunity to be involved with TheBody.com.  At one point Justin and I had a conversation about working together on a project that was pride related.  We were originally going to stick with just Pride (Capital Pride) in generally; however, after Justin dealing with some of his Caucasian friend’s complaining about Black Gay Pride I knew that we were onto something.  By interviewing LGBT individuals and asking them what Black Gay Pride meant to them were able to find the driving force that keeps people coming back to DC from all over the country (and world) to attend this event.  The diverse individuals we interviewed felt a sense of community; a safe place to talk about issues specifically related to the African-American LGBT community; and the ability to be around fun and festivities.  Every person interviewed brought a very unique perspective.  The different aspects that people had of Black Pride were interesting, but summed up why so many spend their Memorial Day Holiday in the DC Area.  The many events that take place like the workshops and Health and Wellness Festival were also very popular among the attendees.  At the end of the process I realized that it is indeed important to have an overall all-inclusive pride; however, it is just as important to have prides for the many sub-groups (i.e. Latino, Black, Trans-gender, Asian-Pacific, etc). 


Patrick and I decided to do this project to get together for Capital Pride originally.  After an e-mail I received from a Caucasian friend asking, "so I only said what I said cause imagine the large uproar if people got together and decided to have a Gay White Pride".  I was not too happy about his comments.  After talking with him he still didn’t know what I meant at all.  So Patrick and I decided to make another video trying to find people that came to Black Gay Pride and really what it means to them. Hopefully this would enlighten others and my friend to understand that this was not made to threaten but enlighten others that didn’t understand why we have a Black Gay Pride.  Listening is probably the best thing.  But I did forego hosting a party to go to Black Gay Pride.  I realized that this was a demographic that I was born in.  The issues that we face may not be the same as other community BUT WE MUST HAVE THEM AT THE TABLE WITH US TO HELP AS WELL!!  WE MUST WORK TOGETHER.

This was great experience; especially working with Patrick another black gay HIV positive blogger I loved it.  We asked gay black men women and transgendered people what black pride meant to them.  Patrick then asked me to my surprise at the beginning of the interview what black pride mean to me.  I don’t really remember what I said but I will say this.  It means I'M PROUD TO BE A BLACK, GAY, MARRIED, FATHER, LEATHERMAN WHO HAPPENS TO KNOW HIS HIV STATUS!!!!

Justin B Terry-Smith

Friday, May 24, 2013

Justin's HIV Journal: Why is there a Black Gay Pride?

DC BLACK GAY PRIDE: Well it's been a long time. I've not been in about 5-6 years. Well it's about time I come back. I've missed a vital part of who I am and a community that needs me. I can't wait to enjoy the festivities, and if you have it leave the NEGATIVITY at the door. This weekend I want to make it fun and I want to enjoy the togetherness I feel with my Gay Black Brothers. Yes I belong to other communities (i.e. The Leather, HIV, Activism Communitys) but I feel I've neglected my responsibilities to this community. Let's be apart of the SOLUTION and not the PROBLEM. I'M PROUD TO BE A BLACK, GAY, MARRIED, FATHER, LEATHERMAN WHO HAPPENS TO KNOW HIS HIV STATUS!!!!

I was on Facebook and a friend I will call him MK said "so i only said what i said cause imagine the large uproar if people got together and decided to have a Gay White Pride..."

I added this video in my reply to him

This was my reply:

Do you realize that out of all the oppression, discrimination, and segregation that society has put on Black people that this is not surprising that there is Black Pride? Have you ever been to a Black Gay pride in DC before to see a difference at all in they way it's structured or even the difference in mindset at all? Also you can't really empathize with what Black Gay people have to go through being the minority of a minority or a minority? Stating the comment you just made one could ask why is there a Filipino pride? Why is there a Puerto Rican Pride Festival (NY) why is there a Jamaican pride festival (NY)? Simply put it's to celebrate culture. So why would Black culture assimilate into a culture that is different from there own when Pride is about celebrating your culture? If you had a White Pride do you also realize that that is the basis of organizations like Skinheads and/or Nazism, which was and is to oppress other people not like them at all? Black Pride does not exclude other races from to it's pride. And the reason why other cultures do come to Black Gay Pride is not because it's Black it's because it's a celebration of Black Gay Culture.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Just*in Time: May 2013 by Justin B. Terry-Smith

Photo by Don Harris  © Don Harris Photographics, LLC. All rights reserved
Photo by Don Harris © Don Harris Photographics, LLC. All rights reserved
Hello Justin,
I do admire you so much! I added you as a friend [on Facebook] but never wanted to patronize you by coming up with clichés.

I’m an African woman living in the U.K. I have a big family as you can imagine…and I have a cousin who I have supported since he lost his father at the age of eight years. I’m turning forty this August and, for me, he’s the son I was meant to have even though I’m only eleven years older than him. I knew he was gay before he realized it himself. But I let him be so that he could find his own way.

From his first experience, he contracted HIV; now the challenge is saving him! I’m doing my best—he’s ok as he’s on a therapy that is, for now, supporting his immune system! Unfortunately, in our family, there’s no room for a gay man let alone one with HIV! I love my little cuz, and I will support him till the end of my life (I’m constantly researching new discoveries!). I’m here for him and I’m glad you are here for everyone…keep being you and be the best you can be! But don’t forget to live. Anything I could do to give him more support?

—Hannah xoxo

Let me first say thank you so much for being so real with me in your approach. It is amazing to see someone who has taken this young man and stood in as one of his parents when he had none.
They say that usually mothers know about their child’s sexuality even before the child does. My parents did the same with me. They knew I was gay but let me find my own way in my own sexuality.
I’m very sorry that he contracted HIV, and I’m glad you do not feel guilty about it. My parents, I know, felt guilty when they were informed I was HIV-positive. I told them that they did nothing wrong and that they had nothing to do with my contracting HIV.
By therapy I think you mean treatment and this is good. Remember, though, that he needs to stay on that treatment and he might want to seek out a counselor or someone to talk to when he feels a little depressed.
Family can be tough at times. Remember to be there for him and make sure he knows that you are there for him. He might not want to talk about it now with you, but he will eventually come around. When my mother was told about my HIV status I hadn’t had a chance to tell her myself. It turns out my own cousin told her mother, who told my mother.

I got a phone call from my family with all of them crying on speaker phone. They asked me sobbing, “Do you have AIDS? We heard you had AIDS!”

I replied, “No I do not have AIDS.”
They asked again, “Justin do you have HIV?”

Then I replied, “Yes I have HIV.”

They started crying even more.

I told them, “You have to be strong with me and not cry for me.”

After that moment they stopped crying and started supporting. For example, my mother and other family members sponsor me for the Washington, D.C. AIDS Walk/5K. They call to check up on me and they still treat me the same as if I didn’t have HIV.

For more support I would suggest that he find a support group. Depending on age/race, etc., he might feel more comfortable with a certain demographic. The analogy that I made up is “Being with others in the same boat might make you want to paddle faster to get to your destination.” It might help him stick to his treatment regimen and keep his doctor’s appointments,as well.

It sounds like you love him like a mother would and I think that is fantastic. Happy Mother’s Day!
Justin B. Terry-Smith has been fighting the good fight since 1999. He’s garnered recognition and awards for his work, but he’s more concerned about looking for new ways to transform society for the better than resting on his laurels. He started up in gay rights and HIV activism in 2005, published an HIV-themed children’s book, I Have A Secret (Creative House Press) in 2011, and created his own award-winning video blog called, “Justin’s HIV Journal”: justinshivjournal.blogspot.com. Now, with this column, Justin has found a way to give voice to the issues that people write to him about. Visit his main Web site at www.justinbsmith.com. He welcomes your questions at jsmithco98@hotmail.com.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin talks about Raw Sex, Roulette Parties, HIV/AIDS & BDSM

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin talks about Raw Sex, Roulette Parties, HIV/AIDS & BDSM

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin on The Guys At Brunch Show talking about L...

This is the show Guys At Brunch I was on the show back in 2011. It was amazing but I love these guys so I had to post it here

The Guys at Brunch was formed to bring engaging intellectual conversation to family and friends everywhere around the brunch table. We tackle issues dealing with the gay community, in hopes to stimulate converstation and promote a better understanding of our LIFESTYLE. Please be sure to leave a comment, whether the comments are positive or negative we're just glad that you took the time to check us out. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (Guys at Brunch) and Twitter (@guysatbrunch).


Born and raised in Louisiana, his no nonsense attitude coupled with his southern charm makes for one compelling individual. He served five years in United States ARMY as a Morse Code Operator. He is a budding comedian. Download his debut comedy album titled "A Bottom Like Me" on iTunes. Second album coming soon. Shawn Bradley believes that if we can't agree to disagree then there's nothing to discuss.

A lifelong native of Baltimore Maryland, Nicholas is an idealistic activist when it comes to issues dealing with equality and he prides himself on being an outspoken advocate for Gay Rights. When not spending 36 hours a week working on G@B, Nicholas is also a student whose focus of study is towards Psychology and Sociology. While Nicholas may hotly debate Shawn on points and issues, its all part of Nicholas, subversive mission to re-educate society about how to argue in a civilized manner. Follow Nicholas on facebook Guysatbrunch

Justin's HIV Journal: Antoine Dodson Renounces Homsexuality

YouTube pseudo celebrity Antoine Dodson has publicly renounced homosexuality, announcing on Facebook and TMZ that he has become a "True Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah," is "no longer into homosexuality" and now wants a wife.....GURL PLEASE!!!

Dodson who now reads the Bible faithfully said to Huffington Post
"It's not praying the gay away because it can be lifted,"...... "If you really want to change your life, and just get rid of it, then you can. And that's what I'm doing. I'm not saying I don't have the memories of my past, because I do, and I see it everyday in my mind. But I'm trying to move away from that and become a better person. That's all."

Dodson added that he has always been attracted to the "art of a woman" but that he mistakenly "tried to actually be that instead of being with that," describing his gay days as "dumb."

Antoine every gay man can appreciate the "art of a woman" doesn't mean you are attracted to that art sexually, mentally, or physically enough to be with a woman or that you should be.

"When you get older and you get mature, things in your life change," he said, adding that he would like a wife and children in the future.


Still, Dodson says he is "unashamed of his homosexual past".

"I want people to see my past," he said to the Post. "I want them to see me and see what I was delivered from."

He explains to TMZ reporters, "I could care less about the fame and fortune, I've giving all that up to know the true history of the bible. For I am the True Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah."

FYI -- the Hebrew Israelites (also known as the Black Israelites) believe they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites ... but they don't consider themselves as "Jewish." They also believe that Satan exists.

As for Dodson, he explains, "As True Israel I know that there are certain things we just can't do. And I totally understand that now. I don't need a Mercedes Benz, I don't need a big house in Beverly Hills all I need is the Most High and my family (Israel). I have been awaken by the great and so should you."

He concludes, "Hate me if you must, bash me if you must, I won't break, do what you will, for this is my calling."

This is the video that made Antoine Dodson Famous

Man this media who__ this unbelievable he is honestly in my opinion wanting attention and this is only because Jason Collins come out and since his star is fading he is trying to piggyback on that. For him to use the bible as justifying why he turning "Straight" is appalling. You are who you are Antione sorry gurl. Of course some in the gay community want him to be straight so he isn't apart of our community at all. Let me for one say that he is not a good representation of a gay black man.

Quote from a LGBT Minister Dr. Raymont Anderson
" As a minister, I renounce the ideas that people like Antoine promote as they misrepresent the bible, Christianity, etc. Where to begin... being a member of the LGBT community is something you are born into not something you choose to be. And yes there are people who do choose to pretend or experiment with being gay just like I know people who claim to be Hispanic when in fact they are not, they think it's cool to claim the heritage though... Also this idea that the bible is against homosexuality is also erroneous as well as misrepresented. If you are going to condemn homosexuals based upon the bible then you should just as ardently condemn those who eat pork, shrimp, have tattoos, and piercings among others! So much I could say about this.. however I will simply say that it seems to me that this young man is confused, misinformed, and possibly seeking media attention to fan the flames of 'stardom' ..."

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/05/03/antoine-dodson-renounces-gay/#ixzz2TIucIPNO

Visit the TMZ Store: http://tmzstore.com

News from news sources TMZ and Huffington Post

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Justin's HIV Journal: "Little Feet, Big Steps" A children's AIDS Walk book

"Little Feet, Big Steps" follows a young girl named Gabby through her discovery of what it means to bring communities together and be apart of something big. Gabby turns to family, friends and neighbors to raise money for her local AIDS WALK. Through this experience Gabby realizes she can help make a difference in a big way for people who are living with AIDS, just by walking and raising money. "Little Feet, Big Steps" is meant to encourage, motivate and inspire children, their age does not have to impact their dreams and wishes of making a difference. 

"I brought this book for my daughter after a colleague recommended it to me. The author has a very appealing approach demonstrating to children what it means to take a stand for a belief. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the book and have seen her read through it a few times by herself. I would pass it along to a friend"
Lucia Strojnik

"What an adorable story and great pictures... this is a great way to teach kids how to give back... I can't wait to see what other adventures Gabby will have."
A sad kindle owner

"This is a great book for preschool and early elementary school kids. Wonderful story about a little girl and the Aids Walk."
Barry S Cohn

"Brit Sharon is a power house for inspiration, creativity and leadership. Only in her early 20's, Brit has accomplished more than many of my closest friends. Little Feet, Big Steps is the perfect example of where children's books are and should be headed. It is a story filled with fictional fun and the harsh realities of life. Brit is a leader and we need more leaders like her. Please read, share and talk about this book. Give your child and community the opportunity to find their greatness just as Brit Sharon has found hers."
Gamal Palmer

"Although considered a children's book, the story line is inspiring for any age group. Brit Sharon beautiful unfolded this story through wonderment and determination. This book is the catalyst for children and people everywhere to make a difference. I am looking forward to other adventures that Brit will take Gaby on..."
Sydney Grossman, CEO of A Slice of PR

"I'm so glad I found this book for my daughter. its so inspiring and had her want to sign up for a walk. She's now going to do relay for life at her school! LOVE THIS!"
Charlene Wee

"Little Feet, Big Steps is a cute book with a powerful meaning behind it. It is a great childrens' story, and may even motivate them to get up and be a part of a charitable event themselves. It's all about taking action in your local communities and making a difference."

"This book is truly amazing.  I loved the storyline.  It really give children pride to be able to do something for people in their own community.  I hat is off to the author and illustrator.  The book was great to read and my 16 year old even loves.  Thank you so much for paving the way for future activist and world leaders"
Justin B Terry-Smith

Justin's HIV Journal: First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks to the USDA

I haven't told anyone but I had to take a break from school.  So I'll be going back in June hopefully.  I injured my foot so I couldn't play kickball anymore, and I just had to take a break from a lot of things.  I even took a leave of absence from my motorcycle Club, The Centaurs.  A Master in Public Health takes a lot of time and work. 

Watching and listening to Michelle Obama gave me a since of proud and appreciation for the hard work she puts in everyday.  She truly inspired me to keep going.  One of her many goals are more nutritional food of school lunches and children in general.  I find that goal admirable I think she is amazing. 

Public Health is very important to me.  Food has a lot to do with Public Health.  One of the courses I took was Environmental Health it truly goes with what I do now.  I needed to see her speak to realize that what I do matters and it helps motivate me to be the best I can be in Public Health.