Justin's HIV Journal

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Justin's HIV Journal: Washington DC Equality March

The Equality March was a revitalization of DC's Gay Community and a lot of Gays came from far away to join us as we protested on the streets of DC. I think the experience was a great one. A lot of people didn't think that this march would be a big as it was. My husband and I were there with a lot of our friends. There were a lot of people that we knew there.

We saw Daniel Choi Cleve Jones Carol Schwartz and many others. There are many injustices that we as gay people have to face. For Example we are kicking out many able bodied men and women from the military under the "Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy". I'm an Air Force Veteran and my husband is an Army Veteran we served our country and got out honorably. I feel for all the gays and lesbians that were not able to serve their country because they were found out and kicked out.

DOMA has to go. My partner and I were married on August 7th 2009 and we could not be any happier. People like Bishop Jackson of New Hope Church in PG County MD say marriage between and man and a woman is wrong because it's against god. Well I ASK HIM WHOSE GOD ARE YOU REFERRING TO SINCE I'M NOT CHRISTIAN WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO TRY TO CHANGE THE LAW BECAUSE YOUR RELIGION SAYS IT'S WRONG. WELL I'M PAGAN AND MY RELIGION DOESN'T CARE.

In the Bible it also says eating swine is a sin. So Bishop you do me a favor You take the sausage out of your mouth and I'll take the sausage out of mine. Got it!!