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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin on The Guys At Brunch Show talking about L...

This is the show Guys At Brunch I was on the show back in 2011. It was amazing but I love these guys so I had to post it here

The Guys at Brunch was formed to bring engaging intellectual conversation to family and friends everywhere around the brunch table. We tackle issues dealing with the gay community, in hopes to stimulate converstation and promote a better understanding of our LIFESTYLE. Please be sure to leave a comment, whether the comments are positive or negative we're just glad that you took the time to check us out. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (Guys at Brunch) and Twitter (@guysatbrunch).


Born and raised in Louisiana, his no nonsense attitude coupled with his southern charm makes for one compelling individual. He served five years in United States ARMY as a Morse Code Operator. He is a budding comedian. Download his debut comedy album titled "A Bottom Like Me" on iTunes. Second album coming soon. Shawn Bradley believes that if we can't agree to disagree then there's nothing to discuss.

A lifelong native of Baltimore Maryland, Nicholas is an idealistic activist when it comes to issues dealing with equality and he prides himself on being an outspoken advocate for Gay Rights. When not spending 36 hours a week working on G@B, Nicholas is also a student whose focus of study is towards Psychology and Sociology. While Nicholas may hotly debate Shawn on points and issues, its all part of Nicholas, subversive mission to re-educate society about how to argue in a civilized manner. Follow Nicholas on facebook Guysatbrunch

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