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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Justin's HIV Journal: 2014 Top HIV Voices

TOP HIV Voices badge
trialreach.com lauched the first in a series of ‘#TopVoices’ to honor the best bloggers and online resources for patients. Part of their mission is to provide support and help to patients when they are making critical decisions about their health. The people and sites they will be awarding their ‘Top Voices’ badge provide immense value; from providing practical advice to connecting patients with others who are going through the same journey.
The ‘#TopVoices’ awards was inspired, in part, by one of their very favorite bloggers, HIV activist Josh Robbins who founded I’m Still Josh. Josh has been helping them to choose the award nominees, starting this month with the HIV community.
TOP HIV Voices 2014 badge
They hope you find this useful and please let them know if there are any blogs or sites that you would like to nominate for a ‘#TopVoices’ award.
Over to Josh:
These “Top HIV Voices for 2014″ embody the passion that it requires to build a community from a fundamentally limited beginning— sharing a personal story or contributing in a small but grand way to the global conversation surrounding the HIV community, HIV activism and the reduction of new HIV infections; advocating for increased awareness, decreased stigma, and the chance eventually to an AIDS-free generation.  
Josh Robbins, the founder of I’m Still Josh
As an HIV blogger myself and founder of “I’m Still Josh”, the blogs and digital HIV destinations below continue to inspire me, challenge me, encourage me and offer wisdom that words alone could never explain. In addition to this very short list, there are many more blogs and publications that inspire me and that I find great comfort.  

Congratulations to the following TrialReach.com’s 2014 Top HIV Voices:
Rise Up to HIV - Founded by Kevin Maloney
Volttage Buzz - Founded by Jack Mackenroth
Poz Life of Patrick - Founded by Patrick Ingram
My Fabulous Disease - Founded by Mark S. King
Shawn & Gwenn - Founded by Shawn Decker & Gwenn Barringer
A Marine and HIV - Founded by Brian Ledford
OpenlyPOZ – Founded by Rob Quinn
POWER - Founded by Nelson Vergel
HIV Blogger: Living Positively - Founded by Michael Carchrie Campbell
HIV/AIDS Activism & Advocacy Report - Founded by Aaron Laxton
The STD Project - Founded by Janelle Marie
UK Positive Lad - Founded by Tom Hayes
Justin’s HIV Journal - Justin B. Terry-Smith
My Journey With AIDS - Founded by Kenn Chaplin
Christopher vs HIV - Founded by Christopher Myron
My PrEP Experience - Founded by AIDS Foundation of Chicago
My Coming Out… Take Two - Founded by Frankie Frank
Dave’s Life Living With HIV - Founded by Dave Jones
Diva Living With AIDS - Founded by Rae Lewis Thornton
Sean Strub - Founded by Sean Strub