Justin's HIV Journal

Thursday, August 7, 2014


HAPPY 5TH YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: The man that I'm so deeply in love with, who rises above the rest, who leads by example and dared to love me back. You are the one who keeps me motivated and helps me to fulfill my dreams, no matter how far fetched they are. He who gives me space, hugs, cuddles and kisses when I need it and deals with the heavy load that comes with being my husband. I love you forever and ever. Our love is eternal:

Some loves may come your way,
And captivate your mind,
And some loves may touch your heart,
With words so sweet and kind.

But, your love has touched me deeper,
More than you'll ever know,
More than merely capturing my heart,
You're etched upon my soul.

A love that will forever burn,
Like an eternal flame,
And long after we both are gone,
Our love will always remain.

For our love is eternal,
Forever, come what may,
A love that can't be measured,
Like the hours in a day.

And someday amongst the heavens,
Written with stars across the sky,
On the list of the greatest lovers,
Will be the names of you and I.

-By Dirty Martini