Justin's HIV Journal

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin writes childrens book about HIV/AIDS called, "I Have A Secret"

Hello Everyone,

Well I have some exciting news to share with all of you. I have written a children s book about HIV/AIDS. I decided to write this book for all of the HIV positive and negative children. I was trying to show that despite a child's HIV status they want to be treated like every other kid. They want to play, jump and have the ability to relate to other children. People should not treat HIV positive children any different than a child who does not have HIV. They want the chance to have a normal upbringing just like ever child on this earth. I have a soft heart for children and maybe one day my husband and I will have one of our own. Children that are born have no choice about whether or not they have contracted this horrible disease. SOME of us that are adults did have a choice to protect ourselves from HIV/AIDS. It saddens me to think about what these children might have to go through when thinking about being born with HIV/AIDS then having to deal with growing up with HIV/AIDS. Children can be cruel sometimes. I just h this book can reach children while they are still young and teach them NOT to be afraid of children who are infected with HIV/AIDS

You can find the book here

The books first review

There is nothing more difficult for a child than keeping a secret. In this heartwarming tale a young boy is forced to keep a secret from his friends and schoolmates. The need to tell someone - anyone - becomes so great that he almost loses his best friend. Finally, after talking to someone, he is given the chance to share his secret. His life is forever changed, as are the lives of those around him.

Having a secret is a difficult enough to cope with and understand as an adult, let alone a 6 grader!

I Have a Secret handles this dilemma with a relatable sense of frankness, and with doing so ends up inspiring children and adults alike to be compassionate and courageous!

Love the art work too.

- Sven Paardekooper, author of Sorry, Not Dead Yet!