Justin's HIV Journal

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Justin's HIV Journal: DC Mayoral Candidate Leo Alexander

Leo Alexander is one of the candidates for the DC Mayoral Election. A couple of weeks on August 11th Alexander made a statement at a Forum that he will push for HIV testing at the DMV, if most of you are not familiar it what some other people call a MVA. You know that place where you pick up your License. I wondered why someone would want a testing center at every DMV in DC. Then he made the most outrageous statement I’ve ever heard come from a candidate of any election. Alexander says he wants to push to have everyone who is a DC resident have their HIV status on the Driver’s License. I thought


To me this is almost as bad as someone branding me with a red hot poker. This would be one of the most heinous acts done to HIV I’ve seen. This is appalling. I’m so glad he is not a heavy hitter in the race for DC’s Mayor. This would in violation of so many privacy/HIPPA laws it’s not even funny. Does he even know what HIPPA is? Also there is another think about Alexander. Two of my reliable sources approach Alexander about this statement at a picnic some days later. Alexander was asked about what he said at the Forum and he stands strong in his convictions. He also was asked what his campaign was proposing to do about hate crimes against the LGBT Community in DC. He said he wasn’t aware that hate crimes was a LGBT issue, he associated hate crimes with being only towards black people. I’m thinking where has this man been sleeping? UNDER A ROCK. Hate crimes is an issue for EVERYONE. White, Black, Gay etc. So I guess for Leo Alexander to report a hate crime for me, I’m going to have to get the words “Black F@ggot” spray painted on my car.

Leo Alexander for DC Mayor….what a joke.