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Monday, November 10, 2008

Justin's HIV Journal ELECTION DAY November 4th 2008 President Barack Obama

Then more people started to come and the line grew and grew and grew. The polls opened right at 7:00AM on the dot. There were no hold up and everyone that was there were there in support of there candidate. Maryland itself has almost always been a “blue state” when it came to the Presidential Elections.

As I was in line I looked upon the people’s faces I saw no frowns and no complaining. But I saw hope and so many that were proud to be an American. There were women, men, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, Gay, Lesbian, Hetero, etc. Everyone under the sun was there. I thought to myself I wonder what they are thinking as there are getting into line to vote, to change the world.

So I decided to Interview them

I felt like I was going to make a difference in the world with my vote, the one voice that nobody could take away from me.

After the elections were over I called my Grandmother. My Grandmother is 90 years old. I called her to get her reaction. She was elated. I asked her, “Grandmom, did you ever think that you would see a black President?” She replied jokingly, “Baby I didn’t think anyone would see a Black President of the United States”.

Justin B Smith's Grandmother

I laughed with her. I then asked her, “How do you feel about all those hard years of discrimination and segregation that you’ve lived through do you think that you’re work has paid off?”

She replied, “Yes BUT there is still more work to be done and I think he (President-Elect Barack Obama, can do it, he the best man for the job”.

I will never forget this day. I’m just glad that I’m a live to see it

Justin’s HIV Journal in Las Vegas II

Justin listens/watches President-Elect Barack Obama speak

The best thing about my trip was not in the first part of my HIV vacation. The best part is when one Saturday night when snuggling up with my partner Philip, watching TV the news came on and we noticed the headline, “Senator Barack Obama in Las Vegas at Bonanza High School”.

Barack Obama - soon to be President-Elect
I jumped out of bed and shouted, “Honey did you see that, he’s here in Las Vegas”. Philip said sarcastically, “Gee honey do you want to go”. I screamed, “Hell Yeah”.

So I took initiative and put in a RSVP for us both. This is a great opportunity.

I felt like it was destiny for me to see him. I googled the high school to see where exactly it was and how far it was from our hotel, it was only 20 minutes from us.

All and all in was a moving experience. I recorded the whole thing on camera.

Child looking toward Obama for change
In the end of the third part there are McCain protesters shouting in an enclosed area. It got heated as people started throwing things at them.

Of course the footage was awesome.

Justin B Smith at Barack Obama rally Las Vegas

Barack Obama - Part I

Barack Obama - Part II

Barack Obama - Part III

Justin’s HIV Journal: Justin Goes To Las Vegas/Hoover Dam Part I

Justin’s HIV Journal:

Justin Goes To Las Vegas/Hoover Dam Part I

Justin B Smith at Hoover Dam

People that are infected with HIV are more apt to suffer from depression than people who are HIV negative. What better way to get out of depression than to take a vacation. I myself am not depressed but I figured that this vacation that I take might remind people that a vacation is a must for everyone, whether their HIV positive or negative.

My partner went to San Francisco to see our two friends get married, which I heard the ceremony was very nice. Sadly I wasn’t able to go to the wedding.

Justin B. Smith at Hoover Dam

So my story begins here in the Baltimore/Washington Area where I had to take a plane to JFK in NY. I was so tired; it was 5:00PM when I landed in New York. The only thing that I like about this part of the trip was the men at the JFK Airport. I not going to lie there was a lot of cruising at the Airport. SO I get on the plane noticed that there was an older gentleman in first class that couldn’t put his bag in the overhead compartment. I was annoyed anyways because I didn’t have my coffee and it was early. Of course when I have to walk past everyone in first class I try not to look at them because I wish I was in first class myself.

So I just happen to look down and guess who looks up at me, 8 Medal Olympian Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps

I was so stunned I couldn’t even talk or ask for an autograph. Well just my luck, 4 girls rush 1st class then the flight attendant quickly said, “Ladies please take your seats”. Of course when I heard that I said well, “that’s right ladies take your seats”. The flight attendant then said, “Umm you too Sir”. So I said, “Okay” but right before I went to my seat. I said, “Michael, smile”. Phelps said, “Sure” and smiled. I stole a picture of him on my cell phone. But as I looked at my seating number I noticed I was at the very last seat next to the bathroom. NICE, lol. Phelps was very nice, when the plane landed in Las Vegas he gave all the girls pictures and autographs.

Justin B. Smith at Hoover Dam

So when the plane landed you could imagine I was tired. It was 6 hours and no real food. Can we say “cranky”. LOL SO all in all I had a good time. Going to Las Vegas and Hoover Dam was an experience I will never forget.

Check It Out!!!

But that wasn’t the high light of the trip check out the next Vegas Entry!!!!