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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Justin's HIV Journal: Paula Deen & The "N-word" YOU KNOW I HAD TO

YES YES YES I did it.  jesus ohh so what I thought it was funny.  OKAY OKAY Paula Deen racist or non-racist.  Okay so she admitted to using the N Word okay yeah I see that. 
I mean I don't condone it at all but lets look at this.  She is a Old White Woman from the South (NOT SAYING that all Old White Woman from the South do this) I would not be surprised if she did use the N word in her life.  AGAIN not condoning at all.  Okay so there are plenty of people that we as black people know that use the n word but we do not even know they do.   We as black people think it's okay if we use it so why do we get so mad that others still do? I almost give people an excuse to use the N-word because when they see its being used by other who are black they think it's exceptable to use the word themselves. 

Paula of course has used the N-word DUHHHHH.  But that doesn't make it right.  She was just a dumb@$$ for a couple seconds. I mean that was very stupid of her to admit that she had used the N-word on TV. 

BYE BYE TV Show and BYE BYE Sponsorships and Endorsements.  STUPID MOVE GIRL REAL STUPID. 

She has now lost millions of dollars BUT  her book is selling like hot cakes now that she has done this.

She cracked another joke about her black assistant being too dark to see because the background to the place they were in was really dark.  People who heard her say this live laughed.  So by doing this your giving her permission that these jokes are okay to say.

In the words of the HodgeTwins "Good Luck B1tch"

WHAT SAY YOU??????  Please comment below

"Ok so this is going to be long: the woman, who is white, is suing for hostile racist work environment in the restaurant that she and her brother owned. Ms. Jackson was sexually harassed, assaulted and battered. Paula then made the woman hire black men for her brother's wedding. She told her she wanted "a bunch of little nggers to wear long white shirts, black short and bow ties like they did in the Shirley temple days, something about tap dancing. At the restaurant black employees were made to use the back entrance. Prohibited from using the front for anything, unlike the white employees. Black employees were forced to work in the back when hired for the front (hostesses). The brother made racially offensive slurs all the time, like saying send the Ns back to Africa, he assaulted kitchen staff, and them if they wanted to rub the black off themselves and be white like him. Even used the n word at a fundraising function too which the event coordinator (not an employee of the restaurant) mentioned to the woman that she found it offensive. She was subjected to his violent temper on more than on occasion. She complained at all levels of management and ownership and was ignored for 5 years. Complaints were registered to Paula, the COO, CPA, and attorney of operations. She even asked to be transferred and the response was that Paula would never let her leave the restaurant..... They told her they were going to hire a human resource manager to help with these situations but then turn around and decided that a manual by an evangelical Christian author about the subservience of woman would be better, all in front of an outside vendor. Who challenged it? Undue work hardship of the lady having to work 6 or 7 positions because the brother was using the money earmarked for hiring. So basically harassment, abuse, and hostile work environment, and the unwillingness of management (including Paula) to remedy the situations. The woman suffered medical conditions that made her stay away from work. When she finally quit she could not find work in her small town because she was black listed I guess"--Erin Mariah

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