Justin's HIV Journal

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Justin's HIV Journal DC Black Gay Pride

DC Black Pride has gone through so much in the past years. But it was better than ever this year. I personally was working on my midterms and now because of my hard work I should be getting my AA in Communications in the mail. Even though Im not done with school I decided that I would celebrate by going to the Bachelors Mill last night with my partner and a couple of friends.

It turned out to be a very nice night with no pretentiousness and surliness. My partner and I danced the night away with my on lookers. When then woke up to coffee and Bloody Marys. Next we set our sights on Darryl Wilsons Picnic which was held in Temple Hills, Maryland off Allentown Rd. There was plenty of pure love everywhere. People Ive missed and people that I always see in my day to day life. We had a blast.

My partner and I laid out a picnic blanket and laid out the chicken sauced with peppers, herbs and spices and of course fresh juicy watermelon, which made my mouth water.
Even though I was literally at my computer getting my mid-terms completed I have a great time.
I asked people at the picnic what does pride mean to them and this is what they told me