Justin's HIV Journal

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Justin's HIV Journal: Capital Pride 2010 What does Pride Mean To You?

Pride vs. Activism

I know this is a long time coming and well Pride month is almost come and gone. Yes June is/was a big month for the DC/Baltimore area. Both of our prides are a week away from each other. It was great being on top of the DC Eagle float and it was also amazing being at my first Baltimore pride parade and being on the Mr. Maryland Leather 2010 float. I had so much fun.

But here is a question for you is going to pride a form of activism for you? In my opinion it is. Many years ago one could be arrested by hanging out in a gay venue. The police would raid the venue and arrest everyone in it. We protested such activities and had to show how proud we were to be ourselves, and to love it. Just about every major city has its own pride.

I wonder what people think when they are at their city’s pride. Do people think that pride is a party? Do they know the meaning of pride? Do they know the origins of pride? Or why we even have pride?

As I look around I see nothing but rainbow all around. I also see a lot of kissing, hugging and holding hands. Could this be pride? Being who you are in a safe place or is it activism, being who you are in the face of adversity. You decide.