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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New HIV reality show 'Reversed' (VIDEO)

New HIV reality show 'Reversed' (VIDEO) 

After the International AIDS Conference 2018 in Amsterdam I received an e-mail from the Creator of the Reality TV Show Reversed.  He asked me to do a Press Release for him.  I looked over the press release and to my pleasant surprise I read that he was going to do a Reality TV Show on people who have been infected with HIV.  This has never been done in history, the first Reality show on people who have been infected with HIV.  This show will focus on reversing the participants view on how to live healthier lives mentally, physically, emotionally and on some level spiritually.  This is so important to our community and the world because people around the world are still becoming infected with HIV.  The general population needs to see how living with HIV affects people who are infected.  The stigma is still strong.  Many people living with HIV think they are not worth being cared for or even loved.  The reality show will have casting calls for participant and will have a staff or experts, professional and activist.  This show will be shot in the beautiful country of Jamaica.  When I was approached by the Creator Charles Mattocks, nephew of Bob Marley, created the show which first focused on Diabetes, to bring more awareness HIV and fighting HIV stigma.  Education is key and by this show airing on Discovery Life it will give a chance for the general population to get a glimpse of what it is like living with HIV.

Saturday, August 4, 2018




July 30, 2018 – Emmy nominated actor, author, producer, chef and philanthropist, Charles Mattocks, has a hit show, ‘Reversed’, which is now expanding its reach to tackle HIV.

‘Reversed’ is the first ever diabetes docu-series that aired on Discovery network. Show creator Charles Mattocks shot to limelight with the series to become a leading advocate for diabetes treatments since being diagnosed about nine years ago. The show is now expanding beyond diabetes to tackle the menace of HIV.

Charles has taken inspiration from his late uncle Bob Marley, and has had a successful musical career, and has also starred in several films. His most notable performance came with the title role of ‘The Summer of Ben Tyler’, with James Woods and Elizabeth McGovern. He is a published author with the ADA, a Blue Circle champion with the IDF, and has appeared on shows on CNN, Dr Oz and The Today Show, apart from others. He created ‘Reversed’ to reach out to people who needed education and inspiration to fight with diabetes.

Reality show ‘Reversed’ will tackle HIV after Charles was inspired by one of the stars on his show, who came out with his status. Charles felt the need to use the same format to help educate others as he himself was not well informed and left in shock by Jerome coming out about his diagnosis.

Charles states, “I truly knew very little about HIV and felt bad that I was worried about Jerome being on the show and not knowing. So I wanted to educate myself and others. ‘Reversed HIV’ will take five guests living with the disease in various stages and bring in experts to help work with them to live their best life with the condition.”

Many people have other conditions, many have family and relationship issues, and the list goes on. These can hinder them and find them isolated or depressed. ‘Reversed’ aims to become a voice and allow millions to be inspired to share their stories and know there is hope and many are thriving.
‘Reversed’ is currently casting for guests on the show and is looking to partner with many companies and non-profits in the HIV space to help make a major impact.

To set up an interview with Charles, please contact: Dan Goldberg – 813 679 4011

For more information, please visit: http://charlesmattocks.com
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Friday, August 3, 2018

Justin B. Terry-Smith Graduates with his Doctorate

Hey, everyone, I DID IT.  Here is my commencement video To see me walk across that stage go 35 seconds into the video.  Thank you to all my family.  My Dad, his girlfriend, my Mom, stepfather, my brother and his wife were all in attendance.  Most especially thank you to my rock, my husband and co-parent Dr. Philip Terry-Smith who also graduated with his Doctorate from Walden University (Circa 1992).  After 3 long years of study and hard work, I graduated with my Doctorate in Public Health from Walden University in Minneapolis Minnesota.  It's now Dr. J.  I really feel solidified in my education, by saying out loud and proud I am an expert in my field.

Monday, July 23, 2018

HIV & the Military

HIV & the Military

Since I’m a veteran of the military (a disabled Air Force vet) there are several dates throughout the year that touch me: Memorial Day, to remember all who have fallen in the line of duty, Veterans Day. to remember all of us who have served in the military, and then there is the Fourth of July, when we remember how the United States of American was able to fight off the British to gain its independence. I also remember all those who are currently serving.
Often, I come across people who are unclear about what happens or what might happen to someone who becomes HIV-positive while in the military. Let me set the facts straight and also give you my take about military policy.

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"The military has done a major disservice to those who have acquired HIV while serving in the military and those of us who are already positive and want to join the military." 

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

HIV Long-Term Survivor's Day - What Is an HIV Long-Term Survivor? Five People With HIV Grapple With the Question

What Is an HIV Long-Term Survivor?  Five People With HIV Grapple With the Question

HIV Long-Term Survivor's Day is here! (6/5/2018) I have often wondered whether I am considered a long-term survivor. I've been positive for only 13 years. I personally don't know whether I am considered a long-term survivor, but it has somewhat felt that way. I've buried friends that have denied their own HIV status; because of the stigma they felt from family and the outside world, they let illness consume them instead of facing it head-on. But I was born in 1979 and will never remember the early epidemic and how there were people dying every day of AIDS. I decided to interview five people who have been HIV positive between 10 and 30-plus years to better understand what being a long-term survivor means and to learn about some of the challenges they face or may face.

The people who spoke to me come from different backgrounds, one is an African-American gay man, and two are Caucasian gay men. One is a woman who found out she was positive when she was pregnant, and the other is a heterosexual hemophiliac. I wanted volunteers from a diverse circle to get different perspectives on what they thought a long-term survivor is.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Justin's Dissertation Gets Published and it's Dr. Justin B Terry-Smith NOW!!

Justin's Dissertation Gets Published and it's Dr. Justin B Terry-Smith NOW!!

Justin's Dissertation, 'Factors Influencing Use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Among Men Who Have Sex With Men' gets Published.  Many of you have been with me on this journey.  It has taken me 3 years but I have finally completed my Doctor in Public Health (DrPH).

Link to Dissertation either Click Here or the link below

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Justin B. Terry-Smith outlines possible detriments of #meth use on your body if you are living with #HIV JUST*IN TIME

Do you ParTy? I get this question all the time on apps like Grindr, Jack’d, Scruff or Growlr. Okay, more on Grindr. But I have the same reply no matter what app the person hits me up on, “I’m not interested.” Don’t get me wrong, back in my twenties, Papa was a rolling stoned, young man.
Now I’m thirty-eight and I’m a little wiser and a less of a wild child. But I can say I’ve never ever tried meth and I have no intention to in the future. I can honestly say I don’t judge anyone who does meth, but I cannot give any part of myself to them. It’s not judgment, but I can’t trust the person on it. Being HIV-positive, I can only imagine how it interacts with one’s body. Instead of complaining about it, I’ve decided to educate myself and others on the detriments of meth to your HIV-positive body.
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