Justin's HIV Journal

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Justin's HIV Journal: You Are Not Alone

Today I decided to make a "You Are Not Alone" video because of the many suicides that are happening in the LGBTQ Youth. Many of these beautiful young people are committing suicide because of bullying in school.

I can emphasize with this. In middle school I tried to commit suicide because of pressures at school. I was called the f word a lot. I didn't want to tell anyone because I didn't know what would happen to me, I was so scared to go to school sometimes I faked sick just not to go. In middle school I was attacked several times. I was pushed into lockers, punched, slapped, stabbed with a pencil, and someone actually threw a coin at my head at full force that it actually made an indentation in my head. I lashed out at my parents at that time and I went from being an A/B student to a C average student. I knew I was different and the fact that people called me name because of my sexuality stayed with me for a long time.

But now I have a chance to do something, to help other that are going through the very same abuse from their bullies as I did. Let's help those who cannot help themselves.