Justin's HIV Journal

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Justin's HIV Journal: Dear HIV (My Letter to HIV)

Dear HIV,

Let me start out by saying you don’t have me. You will never have me ever. My life, my love, and my laughter you will never have.

You have almost destroyed the lives of the friends’ and family I have touched. Because of you I have to take medications everyday. I hate what you have done to me, but most of all the friends that I have lost you’ve hurt me, my friends and my family long enough.

Now I have to live with you?!?! Really?!?! You like that annoying guest at a gay brunch or a cocktail party that will not go away. One day there will be a cure that EVERYONE can use and you will die a nasty death, you will pay for the death and the destruction that you have caused.

I will never forgive you or myself for letting you into my life. I want children I can still have them but you have made that difficult. Can you go away?

Without Love & Respect,

Justin B. Terry-Smith