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Monday, September 2, 2013

TeenAIDS’ Guinness World Record Testing Youth

The Latest Information on TeenAIDS’ Guinness World Record Testing Youth

I want you to be the first to know that on September 7th, TeenAIDS will be setting an important Guinness World Record for the most youths tested “live” for HIV in a public venue at the same time. Our goal is to call attention to the rapidly growing youth epidemic (CDC), end the stigma against testing, and get many more teens aware of their status so they don’t unknowingly pass the unseen virus onto unsuspecting partners – and future babies. My press release is going out as soon as we've raised the needed funds to buy enough test kits ($39 each plus tax) and announce the number.

I need your financial help as soon as possible to buy these kits that are much too expensive for teens and college youth (your donation is tax-deductible).

What: The FDA approved the first over the counter sale of the test kits in mid-2012 for anyone 17 and older. Based on my knowledge of the problem, TeenAIDS became the only entity in the U.S. to bring testing directly to teens in public venues like busy city streets, at sports events, malls and skateboard parks. The test uses an oral swab that collects saliva, not blood and needles requiring lab work by medical technicians. In 20 minutes the results are ready with 99% accuracy. This new technology allows us to use the kits as an innovative breakthrough in the fight to stop youth HIV/AIDS.  We want others to follow our example.