Justin's HIV Journal

Sunday, December 9, 2018

H.I.V: Hope Inspires Victory Documentary

Hello everyone and happy holidays

I want to introduce my friend Richard Flores who is a Filmmaker.  He came out with a Documentary about HIV/AIDS which can be seen on YouTube.com.  The Documentary is called, “H.I.V: Hope Inspires Victory”.  The film truly looks at the origins and timeline of HIV/AIDS.  When approached to do the film by Flores I jumped at the change because I felt he was authentic and truthful.  He didn’t twist the story what he shot is what he produced.  It was great to work with him.  Other than me he recruited other persons to be in the film.  The other participants are Charles Sanchez, Donnie Bell, and Stephen Hart.   The film in its entirety can be found on YouTube by click on the link below or it can be seen here on my blog as well.

YouTube Link