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Monday, November 10, 2008

Justin's HIV Journal ELECTION DAY November 4th 2008 President Barack Obama

Then more people started to come and the line grew and grew and grew. The polls opened right at 7:00AM on the dot. There were no hold up and everyone that was there were there in support of there candidate. Maryland itself has almost always been a “blue state” when it came to the Presidential Elections.

As I was in line I looked upon the people’s faces I saw no frowns and no complaining. But I saw hope and so many that were proud to be an American. There were women, men, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, Gay, Lesbian, Hetero, etc. Everyone under the sun was there. I thought to myself I wonder what they are thinking as there are getting into line to vote, to change the world.

So I decided to Interview them

I felt like I was going to make a difference in the world with my vote, the one voice that nobody could take away from me.

After the elections were over I called my Grandmother. My Grandmother is 90 years old. I called her to get her reaction. She was elated. I asked her, “Grandmom, did you ever think that you would see a black President?” She replied jokingly, “Baby I didn’t think anyone would see a Black President of the United States”.

Justin B Smith's Grandmother

I laughed with her. I then asked her, “How do you feel about all those hard years of discrimination and segregation that you’ve lived through do you think that you’re work has paid off?”

She replied, “Yes BUT there is still more work to be done and I think he (President-Elect Barack Obama, can do it, he the best man for the job”.

I will never forget this day. I’m just glad that I’m a live to see it

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