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Monday, November 10, 2008

Justin’s HIV Journal in Las Vegas II

Justin listens/watches President-Elect Barack Obama speak

The best thing about my trip was not in the first part of my HIV vacation. The best part is when one Saturday night when snuggling up with my partner Philip, watching TV the news came on and we noticed the headline, “Senator Barack Obama in Las Vegas at Bonanza High School”.

Barack Obama - soon to be President-Elect
I jumped out of bed and shouted, “Honey did you see that, he’s here in Las Vegas”. Philip said sarcastically, “Gee honey do you want to go”. I screamed, “Hell Yeah”.

So I took initiative and put in a RSVP for us both. This is a great opportunity.

I felt like it was destiny for me to see him. I googled the high school to see where exactly it was and how far it was from our hotel, it was only 20 minutes from us.

All and all in was a moving experience. I recorded the whole thing on camera.

Child looking toward Obama for change
In the end of the third part there are McCain protesters shouting in an enclosed area. It got heated as people started throwing things at them.

Of course the footage was awesome.

Justin B Smith at Barack Obama rally Las Vegas

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