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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New HIV reality show 'Reversed' (VIDEO)

New HIV reality show 'Reversed' (VIDEO) 

After the International AIDS Conference 2018 in Amsterdam I received an e-mail from the Creator of the Reality TV Show Reversed.  He asked me to do a Press Release for him.  I looked over the press release and to my pleasant surprise I read that he was going to do a Reality TV Show on people who have been infected with HIV.  This has never been done in history, the first Reality show on people who have been infected with HIV.  This show will focus on reversing the participants view on how to live healthier lives mentally, physically, emotionally and on some level spiritually.  This is so important to our community and the world because people around the world are still becoming infected with HIV.  The general population needs to see how living with HIV affects people who are infected.  The stigma is still strong.  Many people living with HIV think they are not worth being cared for or even loved.  The reality show will have casting calls for participant and will have a staff or experts, professional and activist.  This show will be shot in the beautiful country of Jamaica.  When I was approached by the Creator Charles Mattocks, nephew of Bob Marley, created the show which first focused on Diabetes, to bring more awareness HIV and fighting HIV stigma.  Education is key and by this show airing on Discovery Life it will give a chance for the general population to get a glimpse of what it is like living with HIV.

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