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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Justin's HIV Journal: 12 Years infected with HIV. HIV Medications Complera vs. Odefsey

Hey everyone,

We are now Empty Nesters Good luck to both of my sons Lundyn and Tavis.  They are in separate cities adulting.  They are both good boys and now I can say, young men.  A part of becoming a parent is learning how to let go.  I’ve had to learn that it even though it was a hard thing to do I had to.  Being a Dad means everything in the world to me not only because I’ve helped raise two awesome individuals but because I’m letting them go out into the to be awesome individuals.  After they moved out my hubby and I moved into a bigger house. 

Odefsey and Complera basically have all the same drugs, except it (Odefsey) replaces disoproxil fumarate (TDF) with tenofovir alafenamide (TAF).  TAF and TDF can directly affect the kidneys and bones, but the dose of TAF is lowered in Odefsey than the TDF in Complera.  Therefore, one can conclude the Odefsey will be a lot softer than Complera when it comes to the long-term effects on the body.  Bone density loss can become a problem or long term effect of being medicated for HIV.  With Odefsey unlike Complera bone density loss is less of a concern, along with toxicity in the kidneys. 
Odefsey has been approved by the FDA for treating HIV infections in persons who have HIV but have suppressed it with antiretroviral (ARV) and those who are 12 years or older with no past ARV therapy history and viral load less than or equal to 100,000 copies/mL. 

I will continue to complete my regime with Complera and then switch over to Odefsey which should happen in about 2 months’ time.  Just remember everyone is different so I’m not sure how my body will react to the change in medication. 

I’ve switched medication 4 times in 9 years.  The first medication gave me Jaundice.  The second medication didn’t do much for me the third medication put me to sleep but with Complera I felt so much better.  I wasn’t tired all the time and since it was one pill a day it was much more convenient for me.  I’m not too worried about switching to medication again because it seems as if science and medicine are always coming up with new ways to make HIV medication a little less harsh on the body because of long term use. 

Anyone want to share their experience please do comment below I would love to hear from you


Philip Carrizosa said...

I've been infected for 21 years and still going strong!

Tom Villa said...

I've been living with HIV for 17 years and have had good experiences with most of the meds I've taken over the years -- no difficult side effects to speak of from most of them. I did experience some of the classic side effects from Complera, to include a small amount of involuntary shaking of fingers/hands and physically acting out my dreams while asleep (that was interesting, lol).

dcmoreno said...

I was on Atripla for 8 years. First and only meds up until 2 months ago. From day 1, Atripla always made me sleepy and sometimes nauseated. But it did work. On a routine visit, my specialist suggested that I switch to a newer medication. She informed me that although Atripla has worked, there are newer drugs out with different formulations that are much less toxic than Atripla. She said long term use of Atripla can cause unintended serious issues such as liver failure, lower bone density, etc. Medical professionals are encourage doctors to take patients off Atripla. My doctor suggested Genvoya or Odefsy. I decided on and started taking Genovoya after doing my research. No side affects what so ever with Genvoya. I'm not constantly sleepy any more, and I've experienced an increase in my libido 🙃. I'm glad my doctor suggested a change and that I agreed to do it.


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