Justin's HIV Journal

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Justin's HIV Journal: Positive Parenting Moment A Son Surprises His Dad

There are many things that I want to teach my son as he goes into adult hood.  He is 17 years old and sorry to say for him that he has to grow up fast.  He has to understand that when you're an adult that are thing that are expected of you.  There is one thing that I wanted him to especially understand, which the consideration for what things people might hold dear.  Growing up I don't think that he had that.  December 27th was my birthday and as most of you know that is two days after Christmas.  My family has always been respectful of that and I love them for it.  I'm going to guess that after having a talk with my son about planning around that time he understood what I meant.  He actually did something that was so creative and loving it surprised me and most of you know I'm almost never surprised, check out the video.

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