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Friday, April 24, 2009

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin B Smith was Interviewed by Channel 9 about Blogging in Public and Private

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin B Smith was interviewed by Channel 9 about Blogging in Public and Private

I was at Bus Boys and Poets in Washington DC and a news reporter came up to me and asked me for an interview. I gladly accepted and was put on the air that very night. The interview was pleasant and I got some phone calls from relatives that didn't know about my status. I guess this goes to show you that whatever you put out there will be there for life and everyone can see it. So whether it's facebook, myspace, youtube.com, be careful.

I have always be very outspoken and proud of who I am. I don't think there is anyone that can take that away from me.

After the interview my partner and I went back into Bus Boys and Poets on 5th and K street DC. It was poetry night and it was awesome. I bought him a rose and dinner on me. We had a blast.

I highly recommend it !!!!!!!!!

Here is the story from Washington DC Channel 9 see it low

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- When Justin Smith launched his blog about being HIV positive, he did think about the possibility of losing his job at the IRS.

"I was very fearful," he said. "I really thought about my future and what this could mean for me and I realize the greater good is to actually educate people. People need to know that people are contracting HIV especially in the DC area at record numbers."

So he educates people with his stories and YouTube videos chronicling his experience. The Silver Spring native contracted HIV in 2005, two years after he was honorably discharged from the Air Force. The stories at times can get personal. That's a risk Smith is willing to take.

"Anything you put out there you must know it will come back to you," he warned. "People will see it and say, 'Oh this is Justin.' You have to be very cautious about what you put out there."

His advice is right on the mark, if you ask social networking advisors. Qui Diaz works for the online company CRT/Tanaka, a group founded by local blogging guru Geoff Livingston. Employees there help companies and individuals weave their way through the ever-changing world of online communications and social networking sites. Diaz said people have been fired for blogging.

"Everything's open and it's permanent," she said. "So it's not just about your current job and whether or not you have a job but it's what's logged on Google for life."

Diaz said the expectations may change in the future, however.

"As our current generation comes up and takes higher management roles we might see a wave of policies evolve overtime," she said.

That's an evolution Smith is banking on. In fact, he's already seen progress in the way people receive his posts.

"Somebody actually commented on one of my first entries: 'We need soldiers like Justin.'" he paused. "If they need soldiers like me I'm ready to sign up."

Written by Brittany Morehouse
9NEWS NOW & wusa9.com