(AIDS Walk Edition Part I)

By Justin Smith

Hello Everyone,

I know it's been a long time since I've last have my last entry. I've been dealing with a lot on my plate with school, relationship, various community projects etc. One of my many callings is to try to educate people about HIV/AIDS but in my own way. So after I've been on HIV meds for a couple of months the doctor called me back to make sure I'm taking my meds like I'm suppose to.

After a brief discussion with my doctor he said I wasn't taking my meds like I suppose to. So here is what was said. I can NOT have any Grapefruit Juice and it sucks. I really like it but I can't have it because of my meds. You also have to remember to try to take your meds around the same time every day.
I try to take my meds at lunch time everyday or at least at dinner. ALWAYS TAKE THE MEDS WITH FOOD. If you don't take your meds with food you can have stomach aches, head aches, and other aches. Also, do NOT skip taking your meds at all. I missed taking my meds once and it set my body back. I had to deal with the same symptoms that my body had when I first started my meds. It was horrible. Again I warn people that is not a walk in the park.

So I also have some good news. There have been some organizations and schools that have contacted me to help spread the word on HIV/AIDS amongst the African American and gay communities. It's been a good thing. BUT I still ask that we all spread the word of this journal hopefully it will save lives.

I've decided to do something that I've never done before I've decided to do The AIDS Walk in Washington DC. This will be my first but certainly will not be my last I've decided that I would do the AIDS Walk. This is something that will help in bringing closure to the many people that have touched my life and have passed away from HIV/AIDS. So I'm pleading to you the public to help me raise money for the HIV/AIDS organization Whitman Walker Clinic. Please help us stop this disease and help those living with it.

Thank you

Greg Louganis, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, to be Grand Marshal of AIDS Walk Washington! We are pleased to announce that Bad Boy Recording Artist Cheri Dennis will be joining us for a post-Walk performance.

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