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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Justin's HIV Journal: HIV in DC, Thank you Ongina

Hello Everyone,

Let me just start out by saying that I’m sorry for not writing you guys in a while, things have change a little bit. I recently just got a job with the IRS and so now my hours are 9-5 M-F. So as of now I’m a Federal Government Employee. It’s paramount that people with a disease like HIV have very good health insurance and the government does well in that category, when it comes to its employees. Well I hope you enjoy this entry.

Look at the video below !!!

According to the Washington Post, Washington DC leads the country in HIV/AIDS infections in major cities. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty released the report at a news conference. He called it a wake-up call for the District and one of the "most serious problems" facing the city. The report confirmed that at least 15,120 residents, about 3,000 per every 100,000 over the age of 12, have HIV or AIDS.

More than three-quarters -- 76 percent -- of the HIV infected are black, 70 percent are men and 70 percent are age 40 and older.

This is crazy; it hurts to see these numbers, they are so high. Several of my friends that are in this area are HIV Activist and are trying their best to stop the virus from spreading all over the city. A lot of them are not surprised but I can say that it also hurts me because this city, Washington DC, is my home. I feel responsible in some way. I also feel a responsibility to stop it or to help slow it down considerably.

Justin B Smith’s Video

Mayor Fenty also went on the say that only one baby was born with HIV in 2007, compared with 10 in 2005. Also, 70,000 residents were tested for HIV as part of an aggressive campaign, compared with 40,000 four years ago. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the District is one of the top three jurisdictions in the country in conducting the most HIV tests and identifying the greatest number of HIV-infected residents.What should we do as a community? What should I do as an activist? I’m asking you right now YES YOU, TELL ME Leave a comment.

Justin B Smith’s Interview with NBC 4

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Ongina, Ongina, Ongina,

This spunky girl was just what the doctor ordered. I know I’m late in doing this but I needed to thank you Ongina from RuPaul’s Drag Race. RuPaul’s Drag Race is a show on the LGBT themed, Logo Station. The show is hosted by truest of all true Drag Queen’s RuPaul herself. The show is a competition in which a half full of Drag Queens compete to become America’s next drag super star. All of the contestants were great but one stuck out with her beautiful personality and courage.

There was a challenge that the girls had to promote MAC cosmetics. MAC AIDS Funds gives a lot of money towards the fight on HIV/AIDS. In this challenge the girls were suppose to make there own commercial for the MAC Cosmetics. Well Ongina shined through and won the competition. When she found out that she won she broke down and cried. The teary eyed Ongina crouched down and stood back up and announced that she was infected with the HIV virus. When I saw this I cried myself.

I would like to personally thank Ongina for doing this selfless, inspirational, and courageous act on national television. Thank you so much you are and will help others through your own strength. Thank you so much for helping to erasing the stigma of HIV/AIDS in our community. In the famous words of Ongina “You have to Celebrate Life”.


Well I have a vacation coming up and Justin’s HIV Journal is going to San Francisco. I’m going with my partner Dr. Philip Terry of Prevention Works, which is a HIV/AIDS prevention organization. We’re going there because the NBJC (National Black Justice Coalition) is having a conference there and it should be great. I can’t wait. So you in the Bay Area