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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Justin's HIV Journal: Gay Marriage and Name Change At The Maryland MVA

On August 7th 2009 as most of you know I got married to my partner. A week ago I took Motorcycle lessons and passed. So I needed to go to the MVA in Beltsville, Maryland to get my Motorcycle License, then I thought while I’m there I need to go get my name changed. Since I got married I changed my name to Mr. Justin B Terry-Smith which is not on my license. I also needed to get my address changed as well.

So I went to the Maryland MVA and take a look at the video and I will explain what happened.

This experience wasn’t what I wanted but it wasn’t a bad one. The people there were friendly and helped me out a lot. They were well informed and eager to help me.

But also think about all the loop holes we as LGBT people have to o through that many others do not. SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE

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