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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Justin’s HIV Journal: Justin Remembers a friend

Justin’s HIV Journal: Justin Remembers a friend World AIDS Day Part I

Justin B Smith remembers his friend Rodney who died of HIV/AIDS. He lights a candle in remembrance of good times that they had. Rodney is also one of the reasons why Justin does what he does. He is one of the reasons why Justin has made Justin's HIV Journal

My friend Rodney and I had some really good times and it hurt to hear that he left us especially when I had to hear it months after he was buried. The thing that people didn’t know about Rodney and I is that we were dated when he died. We were actually started to really like each other and get into one another. We went to Georgetown at one point to see a movie and then walked to a place in Georgetown where we had dinner. He chose the place because he wanted to expose me to Escargot. When he suggested it I said, “What the hell are you thinking, snails yuck”. He would always say to me, “Justin, why don’t you try something new”. I did like it.

This still rings in my ear as my partner says the same to me. Maybe it’s Rodney tell me something.

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