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Monday, May 16, 2011

Justin's HIV Journal HIV Denialist and Dissidents

HIV Denialist/Dissidents are people that do not believe that HIV causes AIDS. They also believe that taking medication to help fight against HIV is wrong. They also do not buy into the fact that HIV is a threat to public health worldwide. They also think that toxicities are the main contributors to why HIV test come up positive. Also HIV Denialist/Dissidents believe that the science of observing & discovering HIV is flawed and that it is not sexually transmitted. HIV Denialist/Dissidents believe that HIV is transmitted through reckless and recreational drug use.

Please keep that in mind as you read further.

When creating Justin’s HIV Journal I came across and man named Gregory. He seemed nice and wanted to talk to me about being HIV positive. He then proceeded to spout off about theories of HIV Deniailist/Dissidents. I quickly sparked up a dialog and then got very sick of his ranting and raving.

Recently I posted a vlog entry called, “Justin’s HIV Journal: Love in the time of HIV”. My good friend Mark Fischer, Sr. Vice President of, “Back to the Basics” posted it again on his facebook page. Well Gregory decided to comment on the entry and here where things started getting a little heated. Fischer has been an HIV activist and supports me in my decision to take HIV medications; Gregory is an HIV Denialist/Dissident and does not. Gregory posted a video about Mark Fischer saying that he was going to sue him for pushing me to take HIV medication.

Gregory’s video:

Let me just say one thing. THIS IS MY CHOICE. Mark and I are friends and he stand by my decisions. HIV Denialism is responsible for thousands of deaths especially in Africa.

Gregory’s video to Maria

Gregory for you to insult Maria is wrong. You clearly are being condescending by brining up that you should have spoken in Spanish to her so she could understand what you are saying. You are being spiteful and fanatical, and you don’t even know it. Honestly I’ve been very nice up until now, to me Gregory you have a couple of screws lose, the elevator doesn’t reach all the way to the top and the lights are on but nobody is home. Take your HIV Denialism/Dissidents elsewhere. How dare you threaten to sue someone and if I heard you wanted to include me in a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies I would think you were insane. For you to come at someone and say, “Here sign on this dotted line so that you can join us on this lawsuit” I would still think you were insane. Now I know I don’t just have to think it you are insane. Back off Gregory.

Gregory runs the youtube channels with usernames “oberservationmode” and creator of “hivquestions”.

Maria’s Retort:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Then I discovered that there was a website that called me a “Liar” and that I was a pharmaslut. Let me say this, who are you to call me a Liar.


Maria honey I love you. Nobody scares me either, and you are very aware.


Anthony Johnson said...

I commented on "a bi-polar response 'v-log' to maria hiv" (Gregory's 'v-log') about his ignorance on toxicity. I also felt the need to defend my friend Maria. She is a neighbor and friend who spends her life trying to help others who are dealing with this disease. She is proactive and I stood with her when she spoke regarding the ADAP crisis here in Florida. I feel that it is important to stand up to the ignorance so that others see the truth behind the false prophacy that they are promoting. He did not take it well (as expected:0)

Maria Hiv said...

omg guys you are making me cry for real..I love both of you! xoxoxo ~maria~

George M. Carter said...

Bravo. I have looked closely at denialist cant for 20+ years--and the arguments don't change. They raise the same "serious" questions over and over, in a great big circle jerk, hopping off to the next one when the first is answered. In that time, most of the HIV+ denialists have died of AIDS (tho they do love to recruit new victims). And the science has only shown over and over and over that HIV exists, it causes AIDS, ARV DO have side effects but keep people alive and well. Meantime, these morons are distracting from the real fights, the real needs. A) To end the genocidal pricing practices of pharma; B) to expand access to all who need treatment; C) to end the drug war and provide clean needles and treatment to all; D) to provide sex education and condoms wherever needed; E) and most important, TO FIND A CURE.

Jenn Price said...

Justin this was a wonderful post and video! I think you and Maria both put your views out there very calmly and intelligently. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Gregory. You are both right that he does seem a bit unhinged. I applaud you both.

Anonymous said...

That horror. I can not believe that people continue to deny the disease, with the number of people who are died and has already died for lack of diagnosis and treatment. With what we are suffering. Since there may be people like that?