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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Justin's HIV Journal: HIV Denial Kills

Justin's HIV Journal: HIV Denial Kills

HIV Denialist Christine Maggiore, 52 died on the 29th of December. Maggorie was a Italian American woman who founded the organization of Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, a nonprofit group that questions whether HIV causes AIDS.

The organization is centered around HIV-positive mothers, like Maggiore who don’t want to take meds while pregnant. Marjorie was diagnosed as being HIV positive in 1992. Also her organization promotes women, who are already HIV infected who plan to breast-feed their babies (a known route of HIV transmission). She also was the author of an HIV denialist book, What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?

In May 2005 the County Coroner determined that Majorie’s 3 year old daughter. Eliza Jane Scovill, died of AIDS-related pneumonia. In the following year the court decided not to file criminal charges against Maggorie and her husband for not having their two children tested for the HIV virus.

This woman’s (Maggorie) way of thinking is just one example how many people view the HIV virus. Many people that have a HIV denialist way of thinking contact me on Justin’s HIV Journal on youtube.com. They often tell me that I’m poisoning myself because I take HIV medications. A lot of them eat foods and take vitamins which to them is an alternate way of treated their HIV, but changing your diet isn’t enough. You need to seek medical attention for HIV. I’ve had trouble with my meds but my body has gotten adjusted to them and I’ve changed my diet and how much alcohol I consume and when.

Justin, you do have reason to be scared if you remain in the CLUTCHES of the HIV/AIDS Establisment!
They'll do you in brother .. there's no doubt about that. You are such a DIVINE, adorable soul & deserve all the LOVE, COMPASSION & CONCERN that comes your way.
You don't have to worry about HIV - it means IMMUNITY! So relax!
Now get in touch with DAVID CROWE and/or Christine at:
howpositiveareyou . com
That's where I truly HOPE to hear you again!
Love you ..
South Africa :)

This is just one of the messages that I’ve received on my youtube site.

This comment from Annie 46664 can be found on the following link:


This comment listed above is trying to pressure me to be apart of the same organization that Christine Marjorie was apart of.

A couple of months ago a study came out with a life expectancy for people who live with HIV in this country. A person who is 20 years old and starting medications can expect to live to about 69 which is a vast improvement when not taking meds at all.

I’m not blaming this woman for killing her child but I do think she is partly to blame for not getting either one of her children tested for HIV. This hurts me to see that there are people who actually think this way. It’s my treatment and my life.

It’s ironic that this woman died on my birthday December 27, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, keep up the good work. Christine Maggiore was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of souls in South Africa, thanks to the negative influence she had over President Mbeki, a corrupt evil man to begin with.

Christine Maggiore also intentionally infected her daughter with HIV, refused to have her tested, monitored and treated and then refused to have her hospitalized after weeks of illness until the child stopped breathing.

If there is life after death, she now understands the pathogenesis of HIV and has to face her culpability in the deaths of countless innocent individuals, not the least of which was her own 3 year old daughter.

HIV is never lethal, unless you ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin. I enjoyed watching your video blog about Christine Maggiore. I, too, am a dissident from the mainstream HIV=AIDS doctrine.

I had the pleasure of knowing Christine personally. She was a fantastic person and one I am sure you would have enjoyed speaking with 1-on-1. A footnote to Christine's death is that she was under a physicians care when she passed.

Although I don't agree with your belief about HIV and the meds, I respect your opinion and your approach to the controversy surrounding it. Those of us who question the prevailing HIV research are questioning it based legitimate questions asked by fellow scientist. One of which is a Nobel Chemistry Prize winner.

It is odd to me how those who test positive are treated as if they would be unbreakable if it was not for HIV. It's not unusual for people to pass away at 52 with pneumonia. Bernie Mac was only 50 when he passed away of pneumonia. Unlike Christine, Bernie's death is not looked upon as if he contributed to an early death.

Again, I can appreciate your view and the eloquence at which you describe it. Good luck


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